Monday, September 25, 2006

Location, location, location

So, I went to see Rock Plaza Central and they were very good. I've already compared them to Chad VanGaalen, Neutral Milk Hotel, the various Palace acts, The Mountain Goats and the Golden Famile. My Ottawa Sun colleague Allan Wigney added in Nick Cave and some other folks and lauded their faithful appreciation of old-time music. There is something of the creaky 78 rpm shellac record to their sound, though I don't recall Geeshie Wiley or the Bubbling Over Five ever singing about robotic horses forever capering toward the stars.

Chris Eaton taps a little.

Blake Howard, enthusiastic drummer.

Scott Maynard on bass, John Whytock on trumpet - he also played some accordion.

Fiona Stewart on violin and Jay Clarke on guitar ... I'm sure I've seen Jay before - performing with Brian Cram, perhaps?

Donald Murray on mandolin and trumpet.

Rock Central Plaza action!

Mass tooting action!

The whole lot.

My bounced flashes worked out better this time around too. Happiness all 'round.


Karen McLane said...

Hi Andrew,

Yes you have seen Jay Clark before and it was with Mr. Cram. Jay is in Brian's metal band Gesundheit. Just thought you would want to know the details... Also, Fiona, Jay, Brian and Blake play in a band called GUH, an instrumental band that has a bag pipe player, you might have seen them before too.

Great job covering the Ottawa scene! I read your blog from Toronto all the time to keep up on things in Ottawa.


anon said...

visual sorry but don't you mean rock plaza central not central rock plaza....