Thursday, September 21, 2006

Out and about

There was a good crowd at Zaphod's for the hotly tipped Shout Out Out Out Out; a noisy crowd too. If you can measure the distance a band has penetrated into the mainstream by the number of chunky drunk guys in the front row - and I think you can - they may well be headed for big things. They were accompanied by Vitamins for You, a one-man dance-pop act who would probably fit in snugly with Junior Boys and Manitoba (who I've just noticed he namechecks on his MySpace page).

The nutritious one, Bryce Kushnier.

SO4 have a bunch of drummers and bassists and keyboardists, but more important they have a set of big wooden letters that light up!

Okay, I'm teasing - but I shudder to think what their light bulb budget is. Better shots of the letters, and band members, and high kicks, shall come shortly.

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