Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uplifting sounds

I can tell my backlog has grown to the size of a sperm whale because I'm seeing bands twice before I get around to shovelling out the photos from the first show. Exhibit A: Zebrassieres. The band occasionally known as Zebra's Ears features a Creep, a couple of Beach Blankets and once-and-future Calgary rock gal Sarah Ford of the Fun Funs.

Daniel shows off his moves as Sarah rocks the stripes.

Drinking and keying at the same time? Not a problem.

Singalong action!

The crowd goes wild!

Jordy has double vision.

Overhead action!

Rocking action!

Big finish!

They'll be up at Kaffe 1870 this Friday (with a bus leaving from The Dominion, or something like that) and at Casa Cosgrove the Friday after that.
  • Show reminder: The Girlfriends and The Weeds perform at The Rainbow.

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