Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mothers of incubation

The Atomic Rooster was as full as it was going to get when openers The Sedatives had rocked the joint, but it felt there was even more people packed in when Mother's Children played their set, perhaps because the quotient of rockers to regulars was getting closer to 100-to-none. Or perhaps it was because this was the sharpest set from The MC that I'd witnessed to date.

Bounced flash action with K.J., a mostly obscured Tim, Michael and a bit of Davey's shirt. You can only do so much with a wide-angle lens when you're close to the front ...

Shaking it all about action!

Drumming and conversation action!

K/J/ sings in a see-through fashion!

Mike sings, Sarah goes oh yeah!

Guitar action!

Tim and the fiery spirits of those consigned to the outer darkness.

Mike yells!

Seriously sweating Davey action!

Singalong action with Emmanuel Sayer!

Their next gig is as part of the Byward Bluesfest at Capital Music Hall, July 10. In addition, Davey will be doing his Male Nurse thang at Irene's tomorrow.

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