Monday, July 27, 2009

Mistakes were made

I think a bunch of folks split the Gaga Weekend after the Wires set - or maybe they went outside for barbecue. A few hardy souls did dare cross the threshold of doom and risk confinement in the small room with The Botched Suicides. It's been a few months shy of four years since I saw the Suicides. There's been a bit of a lineup switch since then, or at least an instrument switch. Anyway, it's the same old scum rock we all love and/or hate ... Unfortunately they couldn't fit a gallows into the room.

Hooded action!

Masked action!

Bandannaed and duck-taped action!

Goldberg prepares to pontificate.

Botched action!

And so on!

The whole lot!

The tape comes off!

Shoutalong action!

One of the better musical beatings of the day.

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