Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Comeback kids

Uranium Comeback have a well-deserved reputation as a great band that doesn't perform nearly enough. It's catchy pop-punk a la Secrets, Diodes, Pointed Sticks and other late 1970s greats.

As you can (mostly) see it's composed of a trio of Million Dollar Marxist veterans: Johnny, Tim and Steve - and one Guillotine/Roll Gypsy Roll guy, Seiji on bass.

Tim had to be up early the next day (i.e. around noon) for his stint in Year Zero.

More Johnny and Seiji!

More Steve!

Illuminated Johnny!

And finally a bit more Tim and a lot more cymbal.

Yes, my photos of this particular set did kind of stink. Considering their schedule I expect the next opportunity to see them play live will likely come at Gaga Weekend III.


Anonymous said...

Are you not working the Bluesfest syndicate this year? If you are not, I am glad. Its a festival for rich people. I just wish some of those players would hit a club in Ottawa. Although I am happy with the Byward Blues Fest addition. I am sure I will see you out there at some point.

A.C. said...

Sorry, but I'm gonna be there - actually I'm just about to set off. I figure I'll catch a bit of Amanda Rheaume, some Flash Lightnin', Black Keys and Van der Graf Generator. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to tell Charleston to start the Rolls and dust off my camera. (I'll try to hit some market stuff as well).