Friday, July 03, 2009

Around and around

The first night of the Gaga Weekend ended with a triumphant set from The Visitors. Ottawa's foremost proponents of explorer-core zipped through a dozen tunes about love and leaving, or at least coming and going and Kars, Ontario.

Introduction action and death threat action! "I will shoot in the face anyone who mentions my name ... this is about the bands!" said He Who Must Not Be Named.

Them visitors! Skottie, Antarctic-Cat da Gama and Kevo.

Gama Gaga action!

Kevo hits!

The banner is illuminated.

The audience likes this song!

They like this one too!

More flashing action!

Fist-pumping action!

Singalong action!

Grimacing Skottie action!

The end!

They return to The Atomic Rooster for their next show is at The Rock'N'Roll Pizza Party August 20.

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