Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonder material

I went over to the Bytown Tavern last night to see Tyvek, Beach Blankets and Fucked Corpse ... well, to be precise I wen to see Detroit's Tyvek (a.k.a. Tjivek and TVK and who knows what else), since though I like both other bands on the bill I worked Tuesday and didn't get home until midnight. Everyone but the headliner had come and gone by the time I descended the stairs to Yuk Yuk's new Ottawa home. The band seems to have a fluctuating membership depending on where they are. For this show they were down to three, which is really all they need for their O-Levels via The Reatards with a pinch o' Buzzcocks clamour. I'm just going to throw out all my decent (and half-decent) photos now since I didn't take many.

Power trio action!

Kev sings!

Matt Z.! I think!

Shelley basses ... and contemplates putting on a pair of Groucho Marx glasses.

The whole lot from up high!

The whole lot from down low!

And so on!

Singalong action!

A pretty good way to spend 40 minutes or so.

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