Monday, May 04, 2009

Everything is wrong

Not much to add about NoMeansNo's kickass B.C. Scene set ... they're old, they rock, and so on and so forth. They've been doing it for 30 years, so naturally they can kick out the rhythms ... Anyway, onto the Canadian band probably least in need of an introduction:

"We've decided to start with the first song, then proceed from there," says Rob.

The Wright Brothers. No, not them, the other ones, Rob and John.

I took a few no-flash, low light photos. At least this one worked.

Bass action!

Tom Holliston got a bit sweaty.

Singing drummer action!

Tom works the crowd.

Rob works the crowd.

Enough talking!

Yet more rocking!

Human pyramid action! In honour of Tom's birthday, that is.

Here's looking at you bro!

More singing drummer!

After briefly hiding behind their amp stacks ("Our lamest encore ritual ever!") they came out to finish things off with Rag and Bones and Lonely.

I hear their show at Mavericks as The Hanson Brothers was also packed. No surprise there!
  • Show reminder: Hospital Grade, and probably other people, perform at Zaphod's.

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starlagurl said...

Yah it was awesome! Woo!
I hope that you are now friends with Owen.