Friday, May 29, 2009

Nervous disposition

Back to the basement, where one can find your faithful blogger (clutching his knee, yelling "Oww!" and about three dozen folks drinking wine straight from the bottle (I declined, since I expected major league pankillers in my immediate future). Next band up was Nervous System, my favourite combo of the night in a very capable crowd. I did that psych rock, y'know.

Jesse Winchester, Matt Cossgrove and Matt Oxley (the latter two also of of Crazy Ocean) make up the trio.

Rhythm section action!

Matt bends a bit.

A terrible Matt picture.

Someone else's flash went off, I figure.

And now, fun with Christmas lights ... not to rule out the possibility that Oxley's brain actually does glow like that.


And there you go then.

They'll be back to the basement as part of Gaga Weekend on June 1, following a show in Montreal just a couple of days at Friendship Cove in Montreal.

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chris said...

Hey Andrew - there's also the iheartmusic funraiser going on tonight at Deckuf. Hope you can make it out!.html