Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ape: A type for destruction

Once again off to the Royal Oak and another fine Rock'N'Roll Pizza Party presentation. Endangered Ape started things off with a band, thanks in particular to crazy frontman Adam Munro. On their killer EP they sound quite post punky; live they were more psychedelic garage. Really fine either way.

Shouting and eyeball-popping action!

Who's who? I know not since I was even lazier than usual and didn't get names ... the bass player is Phil Lawton and that's all I got.

Expostulating action!

Jane Edmunson handles the keys, while the Hot Blood Bombers' Shane Grass looks on.

Upstanding action!

Shirtless action!

A brief moment of contemplation.

Big finish!

They promise a full-length LP some time soon; they're now headed back west for a multitude of shows in Alberta and B.C.

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