Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the mood for love

Milwaukee's The Goodnight Loving played a great set of twangy Memphis-styled rock for the Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party crowd. I missed them the first time they were here, but they must have made a great impression since their was a sizeable crowd (both indoors and out) for them this time.

Singalong action with Andy Kavanaugh and Andy Harris!

As you can see, The Royal Oak is a cozy place - particularly since it's more-or-less divided into three parts. I think the number of Converse sneakers and Budweiser cans per square metre also reached some kind of critical mass.

The view from the back.

Colin Swinney played bass for the first part of the set, then moved up to the microphone.

Ryan Adams drums! Don't say it, he's heard it.

Some final Telecasting and singing from Andy Harris before he trades Colin for the bass.

Colin rocks the Tweedcaster.

And so on! It's awfully cramped under the PA, by the way.

Big finish! They ended things with Dead Fish on the Banks, the first song off their Greg Cartwright-produced album Cemetery Trails, thus motivating me to buy said album.

The Goodnight Loving is home and resting, but shall embark on a tour of Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Italy in June after a couple of U.S. dates.

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