Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Start at the beginning

The Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party has a new home at The Royal Oak after stints at Babylon and The Bytown (now Yuk Yuks on Elgin), and as before it provides Thursday's finest entertainment value for your dollar (and still would even if it weren't free). Previous Pizza Party goers The Goodnight Loving were the headlining act, while the openers were Year Zero. This was their second show (after a house party).

The trio is composed of three familiar faces: Drummer Michael is also in The Beach Blankets and Mother's Children and was once in The Sick Fits, bassist and singer Tim from The Million Dollar Marxists and Brad, formerly of The Neighbourhood Brats and also one of the RRPP guys. The folks at Ottawa Explosion say they sound like early 90s Lookout label bands - could be, I never listened to that stuff.

Tim Sings!

Michael models the latest in White Wires wear.

Brad rocks the Sheraton.

And so on!

The whole lot! (Plus soundman and DJ Luke at back.)

Needless to say they'll be performing at the Gaga Weekend on June 13 at Yogi's.

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