Monday, May 25, 2009

All fall down

I've shot King Khan and His Sensational Shrines before, so there's no reason for introductions (I missed a few members anyway, unless you want to see a very dull drummer shot of John Boy Adonis and the top of organist Fredovich's head). If you've caught my previous Khan posts, or seen his show, you know what to expect - a serious soul workout with a healthy helping of crazy and occasionally painful audience behaviour - and this show was no exception! There was lots of shoving and swaying and a good chunk of the front row ended up tipping onto the stage on more than one occasion.

Please welcome to the stage your new space overlord, King Khan!

He quickly doffed the helmet (and a song or two in the jacket).

I cheated on this photo off the horn section and took it during the soundcheck when I actually had a clear view of them.

Singalong action! With Big Fred Roller, Riddiman and Mr. Speedfinger.

Mark Sultan jumps on stage to sing one.

King Khan slings axe.

Soul action!

Bamboorella isn't just the Gogo Queen of the Underworld - she's also mighty flexible.

Speedfinger jumps! Of course!

Know Your Product gets a workout.

Encore action!

Khan works the crowd!

Big Fred Roller really, really works the crowd.

And a final toot.

A sensational and sweaty show as usual.

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