Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rainy day special

There's a fair amount of stuff to do today ... now where did I put my umbrella? Ennuie are releasing their new CD The Lady and The Unicorn at the Avant-Garde, and if you want to see them live it's best to do so now since Ivana is splitting Ottawa until the fall.

Ennuie, 443 Kent St., May 17, 2008

Elsewhere, Rich Aucoin, New Teeth, The First Aid Kit and Wildlife perform at Cafe Dekcuf; Iconoclast, Catcher, Mackenzie King and Doll are downstairs at Mavericks; Madball, Wisdom In Chains, Cruel Hand and Dead King rock Babylon. Manpower, Clepto and My Blue Valentine perform at Zaphod's. Just Like Before play The Rainbow. The O-Voids, Endangered Ape and Hot Blood Bombers will be rocking the pizza party at the Royal Oak across from Babylon. Royal Ottawa, Michael Brennan and The Cheats play the Elmdale House.

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