Friday, May 22, 2009

Barbecue sauce

Where King Khan goes, Mark Sultan is often not far behind. The too regularly perform together as The King Khan and BBQ Show, share a past in the notorious Spaceshits and generally seem to travel in tandem. I've seen Sultan on several occasions, post Spaceshits and Les Sexareenos. His voice was in great shape, and as always his soul-garage tunes hit the spot, even with the between-tune gibbering.

Shouty Sultan!

The Sultan setup ... two drums to kick, two amplifiers to blow.

Suave Sultan!

Simon Wojan (of Cloudland Canyon and King Khan's Sensational Shrines) came on stage to play some base for Sultan's final number. Apparently Choyce from CPC Gangbangs and Les Sexareenos is helping Sultan out on stage as well these days. I'm sure I saw him hanging around at this gig, but he didn't join in.

He was kind of kooky for this set, but the audience sure dug it.


Mathieu Trudel said...

I think you think of Cedric Marinellis
(who is the singer of the super french group, Le Kid & les Marinellis:

...He was also the singer of JetFives...He kinda look like a young Roy "Choyce"...Roy had to stay put during that tour in the states, by not having a work visa to go in - out - in -out of the States..

A.C. said...

Do you mean it wasn't Choyce at the show, or that Choyce couldn't get into the States to accompany BBQ?