Sunday, May 03, 2009

Unquiet Earth

Next up for the B.C. Scene is Bison B.C. (so-called because another, lamer band scored the Bison name in the modern era). Straddling the distance between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, the hairy combo once again rocked a sizable crowd of familiar faces. These guys have a loyal following for good reason: They kick out High On Fire-sized jams in the most hard-hitting way possible.

Grimacing action with Dan and And and Masa Anzai (whose gear amazingly cooperated this time around).

Thumping action with Brad Mackinnon!

Shouting actions with James Farwell.

Microphone-munching action!


More rocking on the left side!

More bending on the right side!

Splaying action!

Grimacing action! And I just noticed that Dan And has a salmon tattooed on his arm. When he wants to give someone the Salmon Arm salute he's well-prepared.

Cornuda action!

Faceoff action!

Big rocking finish!

This time around I picked up their first album Earthbound. Pretty good, though not quite as full-sounding as Quiet Earth to my ears. They have a show in Montreal May 5.

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