Sunday, March 01, 2009

Let there be dark!

Up next were Jesus Mullet, who played a particularly killer show. Unfortunately I was cosseting my precious, precious flash batteries so all my photos were taken with only the benefit of stage lighting ... the one I already posted was probably the best of the lot.

Jay was rocking a new-to-me B.C. Rich Mockingbird.

Jay from down low.

Andrew Rashotte in full colour!

I'm really missing my flash on these wide angle shots ...

Jay from the right ...

And the left ... which would be faceoff action had a wide enough perspective to take in Andrew, off to the left.

Mark McGee in twilight.

More Andrew!

And finally some more black and white rocking action!

No word on future plans ...
  • Show reminder: Wise Young & King perform at The Rainbow.

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