Thursday, March 05, 2009

All along the Clocktower

I've seen a show or two at the Clocktower Pub. It's rec room was the sight of one of Birdman Sound's festive parties in December 2005. You can see some familiar faces in that shoot, including Patrick Shanks, a.k.a. Merle Knurling, in the background and Bill Guerrero, who was the soundman for this particular evening drumming for Weapons of Mass Seduction. Now here's Merle Knurling with odes to baby-giraffe punching and the like, with visuals provided by the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

See-through Merle!

And so on!

The hope is that these Clocktower gigs will become a regular monthly event, and there will be more rock action on March 21. Once again Cold Coffee and Salty Boots (including Patrick on bass) will take the floor, this time with Owl Farm and Nervous System. In further Shanker news, he's be performing with Romps at Irene's, along with T.O's The Von Drats and Mississippi Grover April 4.

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