Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look back in anger

The second act of the night were Toronto's Teenanger (or Teen Anger). Some familiar faces in the combo. According to the band's Myspace, they're made of "three guys and a girl." Or to put it another way some veterans of Ottawa's own Quebexico (and Roll Gypsy Roll and Gay As The Day Is Long in Jon's case) and a T.O. bassist.

A guy and a girl!

I'm gonna cheat and post my last photo from the set second because the only good photos of the guitarist were taken during the last couple of songs.

A guy with a beer!

A girl!

Another guy!

The whole lot!

Down low action!

Davey Quesnelle and The Funisher get reacquainted.

The other side of the lead singer guy.

And so on!

As I mentioned earlier they've left the bonkers side of Quebexico behind and are slathering on the ultra-reverbed blues garage rock stuff. Or something like that. Anyway I was wowed, and would have bought a cassette on the band's own justly famed Telephone Explosion label, but they were all sold out.
  • Show reminder: Rachel MacGregor, Billy Lyte and Allistor Morrison perform at The Rainbow; Lefty McRighty does his regular classic country gig at the Elmdale.

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