Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dead reckoning

The DeadZone. kicked things off at Zaphod's a couple of weeks ago. The bill included local heavy rockers Jesus Mullet and The Mercy Now from Toronto. The DeadZone includes a pair of Radiodazed veterans - Nials Everett and Mark McHale - and guitarist Jay Champagne. They like that Rancid, Green Day, post hardcore Cali punk sound.

I started things off with a few colour shots ... here's Jay Champagne.

Riser action with Nials and Mark!

Shoutalong action!

More shouting, including a few naughty words from me when I realized I had forgotten my spare flash batteries at home.

Sow we'll now switch over to some no-flash, black-and-white shouting action.

I did try some colour shots but the number of red stagelights tend to wash everything else out.

Dual shouting action!

And one last photo of Mark.

What they're up to now I have no idea ...

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