Thursday, February 19, 2009

Khan come back

Back in January when I finally got around to posting photos of King Khan and BBQ's show at Babylon I noted that Khan would be returning in May for a show with his Sensational Shrines - and now we have a date and place! May 8 at Babylon, to be precise.

King Khan and His Sensational Shrines, Zaphod Beeblebrox, July 26, 2008

Mark Sultan will also be performing at this show, so now doubt it'll be a crazy 'ol time. And I'll bet guitarist Speedfinger will be happy to see everyone. As for tonight, After The Burial, Veil of Maya, Abacabb and Fell Silent play The Bayou; Passenger Action, Molten Lava, Dancing On Fire, and OldBoys will rock Cafe Dekcuf; the Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party serves up some amped up rock courtesy of The Job and also some amped up pizza. "Surprise guests" are also alleged to be in the offing. The Bruitals play the Elmdale House.

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