Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The ties that bind

One my sole free day last week I went off to Erick Von Erick and The Raving Psychos. Two other bands on the bill, Loose Ties and Hellbros. None of the bands really sounds like the others; personal ties were the prime connector for the evening, not least of which is that The Loose Ties' guitarist also sings and plays guitar as Stabatron in Hellbros. I don't have much more to say: Where EVE was 1980s pop rock and Hellbros are screamy metal, they were floating around in the indie-rock zone with some extra female vocalists. I don't know anymore than I did about them during my first aftershow post, so here's a bunch of photos (FLASH UPDATE: this post was edited June 19 because I met bassist Dave Rowan working the door at Zaphod's for the Oholics/Bella Bombs show, so I got some names to put to faces).

Meghanne Kessels and Mallory Lynn Giles.

Claudia Jurt on the left, and you can just make out drummer Antonio Caballero and keyboardist Jordan.

"Oh fuck, I promised I wouldn't swear so much because my Mom's here ... sorry Mom!" says guitarist Peter Jurt.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the post, Jordan and Dave.

And so on!

The whole lot!

I can't say more, other than it was pretty muggy up near the front of the stage. I hope they've got their air-conditioning fixed, since I'm going to Zaphod's tonight to see The Bella Bombs and The Oholics.

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