Monday, June 16, 2008

Come all ye faithful

Holy Fuck brought the show to a close with an awesome set of their ersatz electronic psychedelic groove. This was the third show I've seen by them, and they seem to be better each time. Unfortunately I couldn't get into a good spot to take photos, but I had a swell time bopping to the music along with 300-plus other people.

Graham Walsh reaches!

Brian Borcherdt has it all on film.

The last time I saw them, Mike Bigelow (not Kevin Lynn, as I said earlier) and Glenn Milchem anchored the combo. This time around they had Union Dues-payer Matt McQuaid on bass and Matt Schulz of Enon fame on drums. And a very solid rhythm section they are too.

Melodica action!

More rhythm section!

The crowd was large and loud.

And so on!

They're currently on tour in Europe.

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