Saturday, June 07, 2008

Let's have a war

The Bytown Tavern has dedicated their Tuesday's to hardcore acts. I don't know how close the other bands came to fitting the bill a week and a half ago (I was too late to see any of them, having come fresh from Islands' performance), but Biipiigwan is at least in the ballpark. They're a grindcore trio named after the Ojibway fife played before going into the battle (according to the writeup in the Ottawa City Guide). I didn't stay long since my camera alarmed me by suddenly going on the fritz (low battery I figure - it's all better now) but here's the few pictures that survived.

Musqwaunquot Rice - Musky for short - sings.

Drummer Andrew Baird looks away, bassist Mike Shrives is the new guy.

And so on!

They warn an EP is imminent.

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