Thursday, December 06, 2007

Waving, not drowning

Flag of Truce are yet another band of 1980s punk rockers of whom I know nothing ... well, except for their names: James on bass, Brendan on vocals and guitar, with Alex and then Patrick on drums. They rocked it pretty well, too, after a two-decade hiatus.

Brendan has more guitars than he used - two, that is - to make up for his string-torturing ways.

James still rocks the 'hawk - and a Teenage Depression tee, too.

More Brendan.

Alex came all the way from Smiths Falls (or something like that).

My only other picture of drummer Pat - or at least Pat's pate, since this is mostly James.

The whole lot, sort of!

Pretty sharp, all things considered. Someone remarked later on how everyone looked more or less the same except for James and Brendan, who have doubled in size since their days as skinny teenage punks.

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