Saturday, December 01, 2007

The rock has landed

And now for a great big show reminder: Andrew Dickson's new outfit The Mongrels put on a sensational show last time they were in town, and with local volume dealers Muffler Crunch and Tokyo Sex Whale also on the bill for this evening's gig at The Dominion, you can't go wrong if you like your rock heavy and vocalists women. Witness Andy and Mongrels banshee Amy T at Irene's earlier this year, below.

The bad news is that some other mighty fine local rockers are putting on a can't miss show at Irene's (that would be Four'n'Giv'r and a rarely appearing Castor). But wait! There's more! Apostle Of Hustle and Major Maker are on hand at Zaphod Beeblebrox; The Holly Springs Diaster, Dear Solace, Baptized In Blood, Dead Winter and Unreachable Death perform at Mavericks Bar and The Dirty 30s, The Possums, Skunch, Onetree and Concerned For Crayons rock Cafe Dekcuf. Over at the freshly revamped Elmdale Tavern, Ball and Chain and The Wreckers are kicking off a regular house gig (first Saturday of every month is the deal).

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