Saturday, December 01, 2007

Trapped in the past

As reunion shows go, last nights was a good 'un: You had The Trapt, Flag of Truce, Fluid Waffle and half of Honest Injun. I also managed to take a few pictures of this show - my camera is still in limbo (or at least its nearest Earthly equivalent, Mississauga), but my aunt lent me her Lumix, which turns out some decent shots, even with only a pop up flash.

Half of Honest Injun in the smoke (not shown, guest guitarist Chad).

Flag of Truce; they brought two drummers and switched mid-set.

Fluid Waffle spell it out.

And finally The Trapt got the crowd slamming "Just don't push any of the people in walkers!"

There was also plentiful joshing about a need for a defibrillator stage left, but everyone seemed delighted at seeing old faces and barring Honest Injun's set (which wasn't all that bad) everyone seemed in good shape.

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