Monday, December 24, 2007

Lights off

You folks remember The Illuminati, right? A while ago they played a few storming shows in town. In March they posted a notice saying they were done. So sad! Here's a few pictures of the trio in their prime, rocking The Dominion in October 2004.

Other photos from this occasion can be seen at the Birdman Sound website. The next I crossed their path was at Zaphod's July 2005. I've already posted most of the photos from this show - here are a few leftovers.

If you caught Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes' set at Bluesfest, no doubt you noticed Nik Sewell on bass. He's also playing bass in Toronto rockers Drunkula along with some former Sinisters and Flamejobs. I'm not quite sure what guitarist Les Godfrey and drummer Jim Gering are up to, but no doubt we have not heard the last, etc.

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