Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let's be honest

When I heard that The Trapt were reuniting for a big reunion show with other Ottawa bands from the 1980s I booked a day off so I'd be there to see what I missed when I was moping about in my teens being mostly clueless about the local music scene. In addition to Fluid Waffle and Flag of Truce, the show dragged a couple of Honest Injun members out of semi-retirement to jam on their tunes (and one Porcelain Forehead number). I have no idea who either of these guys are, but the guitarist is a ringer named Chad (if I heard correctly).

That was a fun bonus, if a trifle - okay, very - unpolished.


Honest Injun Groupie extraordinaire said...

Gord on Drums (and Vocals!!) and Rick on Bass. Chad on Guitar....50% of the Injun, better than 0%!
Thanks for the pics!

A.C. said...

You're welcome ... pity Dave Aardvark wasn't there, though. said...

Hi - thanks for the pics and comments. I'd like to make some remarks about this show also. It wasn't perfect but then Honest Injun never was - as a band they were always unpolished - the band didn't have a great guitar player and this might have gone a long way to having them sound better. However, this Marty Jones guy that played guitar did contribute to their sound and that was a good thing. I'm wondering who this "honest injun groupie extraordinaire" is, because I'm the guy that played drums for them back in the day and a dude named Rick Dixon played bass following the departure of a guy named Dave Whalen after the original bassist named Eliza Cochrane left the band. My name is gord stoodley and my good friend chad byreiter stepped in to play guitar for rick and I in this gig situation and I thank him for that. He is indeed a ringer - no offense to marty jones but chad is a wicked guitarist. Thanks to everyone that attended and especially to chad and rick who weathered the storm of practicing that took place starting 5 days prior to the gig. My email is if anyone would like to comment on my comments. Thanks all - and thank you A.C. for running and posting this site. It'd be cool to get in touch with you at some point - please email me if you'd like to talk.
many thanks