Friday, December 07, 2007

Men of iron

Fluid Waffle features a lot of familiar faces - Tom Stewart, Dave Dudley and Pat Banister later went on to Furnaceface; the first two now make up two-thirds of Manpower, and you can see a bunch of related photos if you follow the tags. They played a great set, notwithstanding the pressures of last-minute practicing.

Tom sings!

Smiling drummer Dave of Dave's Drum Shop! (Good thing he didn't use his last name - Dud Drums wouldn't have worked as well.)

The front of Pat Banister!

And the back (which reads "I lost a bet, that's why," for those of you who can't deduce what it says). Banister was also a Furnaceface vet.

Steve D'annuzio can occasionally be seen pop-rocking around town.

The whole Fluid lot!

Extra Andrew Archer action! And yes, that is an autographed can of mushroom soup in front of him. Sold for $20 at auction, all proceeds going to the food bank.

Waffling action!

Fluid Waffle meets the amorphous audience blob.

For the final number they broke out the hypno-wheels.

I think Blake Jacobs is experiencing technical difficulties. Steve is also doing jumpy stuff.

And there's even a photo of the setlist. Now the only question that needs answering is, when's the big Furnaceface reunion going to happen?

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