Thursday, June 04, 2009

This is modern life

Modernboys Moderngirls are a Toronto combo on a garage-soul kick. I can see them following in the footsteps of The Deadly Snakes, though some of their influences are a bit more modern than that lot's. They also covered Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire. Ming Wu also took a bunch of photos (which look much nicer). He had a second flash slaved to the one on his camera which went off simultaneously ... it also went off when my flash discharged, and for a while there I was starting to wonder if the new Mavericks stage's unpainted ceiling was having miraculous effects on my own photography.

Akira Alemany is a forceful frontman.

And here we go with some clapping from keyboardist Eddie Ruiter!

Bassist Juan Carlos Rivera is quite a livewire.

Chaaaaaarge! I'm definitely stealing Ming Wu's battery power in this photo ...

And this one ....

Drummer Brett Milius talks to the hand.

And so on!

They're a lively lot.

You can see Ming's second flash in the lower left corner ... mmmm, shadows!

Who says you need to play a bass right side up?

Big clapping finish!

There's was also some guitar discarding and jumping going on at the finale, none of which I managed to catch since my own batteries more or less gave up the ghost on the penultimate tune.

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