Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here comes the bride

Token finished the evening (or early morning) off Kiera and Johnny's stag and doe with a frenzied set of hardcore gibberish. The one previous occasion I'd seen them they were a wreck. I forget who they were opening for (Resin Scraper, maybe?) but it was at The Dominion. They've really improved since they broke up. Lee, Johnny and Steve went off to play guitar, bass and guitar for Million Dollar Marxists, with Owen showing up for the occasional rare Token reunion.

Owen makes his big entrance!

Singalong action!

Token gave their pants for rock'n'roll.

Owen mikes the audience.

"I think they make me look like Freddy Mercury," said Owen of his pants. "Off course, I'm gay and he's not."

More Lee!

Big, pants-removing finish!

Guitar-whacking action!

Kiera gets Johnny a beer.

I doubt we're going to see too many Token shows in the near future ... though with Kiera and Johnny's wedding reception at Babyon August 15, I could be wrong ...
  • Show reminder: The Birthday Boys and The Bruitals perform at Zaphod Beeblebrox; Cigar, No Other Way and Gusto Fiasco rock Mavericks; Bob Wiseman is at the SAW Gallery as part of Magnetic North.

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