Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down the street

I was in such a good mood after dancing around to Think About Life that I danced down to Irene's to see Garaga and (Norman) Shanks. I would add Mississippi Grover to the list but by the time I got there the only trace of him was a box of his mini-CDs on the step leading up to what passes for a stage at the Glebe pub. First up, Garaga with a heavyset set of girthly rock.

The whole lot: Jeff, John, and Colin and Shawn getting cozy on the left.

Rocking action!

Grimacing action!

Black and white action! I took a couple of shots like this, then decidied that they weren't really working. In hindsight this one isn't half-bad. More in the 40-45% bad range.

Johnny prepares to hit!

Shawn frets!

Jeff sings!

Everybody sings along! Yes, the lights were up quite a bit.

Some very emphatic singing from Colin.

And finally some more rocking action.

There next show is planned for sometime, and they may or may not have a second LP on the way. Or something.

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