Sunday, June 07, 2009

Never the twain shall part

After catching The BushPilots and The Figgs I walked back to Babylon; it's a mere two blocks from my home, so Johnny and Kiera's stag and doe party bumped a couple of other potential gigs off my go-see list.

Dave works the strings.

Singalong action with Damian!

Yogi in red ... I'm starting to think I should hike up the old f-stop.

Astonishing action!

The whole lot!

Dave sings!

Dave feels it.

Yet more singalong action!

Big finish!

With standup drumming even!

Notwithstanding a lengthy furlough they sounded mighty tight and heavy - presumably because they play together in another, more active of late outfit, Ukrainia. They should get together more often - hint, hint.

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