Monday, June 08, 2009

Off with their heads

Next up for the stag and doe were hard-rocking punk oddballs Guillotine. This was my first time seing them, having only laid eyes on a later incarnation, Roll Gypsy Roll.

We'll start out with some technical difficulties as Billy Siekerski's microphone stops working and he is handed a replacement by some helpful soul. Guitarist Rob Laushway at right.

Seiji Hewett cranes for the singalong action.

Tim Ostler is also in Uranium Comeback and played drums in Million Dollar Marxists (and presumably will again when they reunite for the Gaga Weekend).

More Rob!

Billy goes down.

Billy tips over.

Back-to back action!

And so on!

As for what happens next, only they know, and possibly not even that.

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