Sunday, June 14, 2009

Capital chaos

I'm just back from the Gaga Weekend's last show of 2009, headlined by The Million Dollar Marxists. They played for the first time since the last - which is to say the first - Gaga Weekend. You might then expect things to end in chaos, but you would be wrong: Their set began in chaos and became steadily more disorganized from there. As for the rest of the day, it was awesome from start to finish, and everyone on the scene should be truly grateful to Gaga supremo Ian Manhire for organizing it. He called it the happiest day of his life while speaking to me just for the Marxists hit the stage, and I can't blame him - it all came together, with super attendance, the compilation LPs showing up in the nick of time and everyone from bands to audience having a great time. The only downside is that (a) my camera battery needs recharging - hell, I need recharging - and (b) there's no way I can do justice to the event without more time than my need to sleep can provide, so until later today I'll spare you the photographs and the writeup, bar this one of The White Wires at Yogi's Meatlocker yesterday afternoon.

The White Wires, Yogi's Meatlocker, June 13, 2009

Now all Ian has to do is get ready for Gag Weekend 3 ... oh, and probably get about a week's sleep.

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