Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prelude to a murder (or two)

After the swell Von Drats/Mississippi Grover/Shanker + Romps show at Irene's I laid low for a couple of weeks - not by choice, but due to an unfortunate show cancellation. When I resurfaced, it was to go and see Murder by Death at Mavericks. I knew I was going to like Sadie Hell and Murder Plans (though a cynical streak in me suspect that the latter's name played an outsize role in their being on the bill), as I'v seen them both before and know they're both killer live acts. But Sadie Hell in particular is a an ideal opener for the MbD crowd ... really, they should do a tour together.

Smiley Ben action!

Flailing action!

The inevitable shouty Ben action!

Singalong with Sam and Ben action!

After a while Ben ditched the Fresh Prince style jacket. It was a bit toasty.

More singalong action!

Fingersnapping action with saxophonist Dave Halabisky.

And so on!

I usually get the pictures of other members, such as drummer Sean Laframboise, a little earlier; this time it happened during some last-minute running around.

And a bit more Sam.

And finally a bit of bending Ben.

There next scheduled show is at the Cock & Lion Pub May 30.

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