Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homicidal intent

Back in May 2007 when I saw Murder By Death perform at Barrymore's I got the impression that they sounded a bit like local performers Sadie Hell, if Ben Welland rounded up a few more members. Lo and behold, almost two years later the latter is opening for the former at Mavericks. The Murder Plans are also on the bill. Yay murder!

Murder by Death, Barrymore's, May 15, 2007

But let us suppose you don't like bloodshed. There is much else to do tonight, in fact there is some stuff I might have done myself if only I had known about it before buying my MBD ticket (I've got to stop doing that kind of thing months in advance). If you aren't the sort of person to peruse the comment section, you might not have noted that Cold Coffee and Salty Boots are performing at The Clocktower tonight with Merle Knurling and the Silent K and ukulele goddess Krista Muir (who also warns their may be unpredictable lederhosen sightings ...). Bell Orchestre return to the First Baptist Church along with Colin Stetson & Little Scream for some unpredictable orchestration. Six Shooter folk Justin Rutledge and Mellissa McClelland descend upon Zaphod's to play some rootsy singer-songwriter stuff. The BushPilots and The Cutmen are playing the Rainbow. Over at Irene's you can see the ever-entertaining B.A. Johnston, Manpower and Horses. Finally, Fiftymen perform the second of two sold out shows at The Elmdale House. Anyway, there's tons of stuff to do if you're not completely tired after spending the entire day celebrating Record Store Day.


Shanker said...

I celebrated Record Store Day by going to the record store, handing the owner a beer, hanging out and buying that new John Doe thing. My pal bought The Chatham Singers. Cheers!

A.C. said...

That's cool ... I wish I wasn't working when Doe comes to town with The Sadies, but that's not how things worked out. I did however buy a bunch of CDs (Abruptum, Christina Carter, Loren Mazzacane Carter, Mazzy Star, Heart), and the first Beacon Street Union LP.

A.C. said...

Oh, and a Savage Crimes tape. I was going for that multimedia thing.