Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Foul and fair

It seems like just a short while I was traipsing through some horrible weather to see Howie Beck, Angela Desveaux and For the Fairest perform at Cafe DeKcuf - maybe the current horrible weather is the cause of the deja vu. This show was put on by Matthew at i(heart)music and was recorded for CBC's Radio 2 (or at least the Howie Beck show was). It was a nice bill with a reasonable amount of sonic diversity but a lyrical focus on personal stories.

Pre-show technical difficulties action! Jean-Guy Menard is offering some electronic advice to Steph Sears.

And they're off.

The lighting was bright enough for a few decent flashless shots.

Actually it was a bit bright for Steph, so things were dimmed ... thus these flash-using shots which make everything seem a lot brighter. Oh the irony.

Clapping action!

There you go then. No word on future shows, though some recording is apparently in the works. Or was. Or might be.

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