Friday, April 17, 2009

Mother's day

Lots of fun on offer tonight, starting with power-pop stalwarts Mother's Children, who are releasing their new 7-inch tonight alongside White Wires, Savage Crimes, and mysterious new combo Zebrassieres at Montgomery Legion Hall on Kent St.

Mother's Children, The Dominion, July 7, 2008

I suspect the folks who might be there but aren't will be at Mavericks for The Creepshow, The Visitors, The Bible Allstars and Saucy Jack. The Ethics also have a new CD to celebrate, and they're showing it off at Babylon with Meredith Luce (who's bringing her band) and Montreal's B.W. Brandes. Those with rootsier tastes can head to Irene's for The Sure Things and The Magnificent Sevens. If you're smart enough to have bought a ticket beforehand, you can sheck out Fiftymen at the Elmdale House. Elsewhere, Endast, What's He Building In There? and We Were The Fires of Rome rock Cafe Deckuf. Loudlove plays The Rainbow.

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