Saturday, April 11, 2009

Praise the loud

There's lots of good rocking tonight, starting with Big Jeezus Truck at Irene's (it'll make a difference from hearing them through the floorboards, if you've ever been to a show at the pub and heard them rehearsing in the space below). Also playing loud will be TokyoSexWhale, The Lost, and freshly minted combo Cloven Hoofs at the Dominion Tavern.

Tokyosexwhale, The Dominion, December 1, 2007

Also on offer: The Sound Technicians play Zaphod Beeblebrox, along with Shanker + Romps (you just need to scroll down a bit to see them in action recently at Irene's); The Pocket Trio, King, Band In A Bag and Weather Permitting perform at Cafe Dekcuf; One Second Too Late and Jacob Knows rock Mavericks; harmonica man David Rotundo (who I caught a few years back at Bluesfest) is at The Rainbow. The Hammerheads have a sold out gig at The Elmdale House.

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