Sunday, April 12, 2009

Howie do it

Back to Cafe DeKcuf and headliner Howie Beck's fine set of alternatively sweet and sour pop. As mentioned earlier he had a fine band. Despite some first-show-with-a-band misigivings from Beck, things went pretty smoothly, and made a pretty good argument for his new album, Falling Down in Public. Beck kicked things off with some drumming on a kit set up in front of the stage ... more on that later.

From left to right, a mostly obscured Bryden Bairdon on keys and brass, Beck, guitarist Dean Drouillard and Dennis Mohammed on bass - drummer Kieran Adams is somewhere behind Drouillard.

Low-light Beck.

The whole lot!

More Beck.

Bairdon horns in.

Beck takes another spin on the traps.

Kieran prepares for a mighty thump ... my shutter speed for this shot was pretty high I recall, so you can tell he was really blazing away.

More percussion.

Back to guitar.

And a big finale with a drum battle between Beck and Adams.

His first tour is done, so what next? I can't seem to turn up any word on the broadcast of Beck's performance - anyone who can point readers in the right direction, please leave a comment.

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