Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Three-letter words

We're in for another week of fabulous entertainment, 95% of which I will miss, goldarnit. Nothing seems to be brewing tonight (drop a comment if you know different), but on Wednesday the weird and wonderful (or at least weird) Daiquiri will be appearing at End Hits with Squelchbox and Behold...The Arctopus. Thursday you can see Coliseum, Victims, Trash Talk and Metz at Mavericks.

DOA, Barrymore's, June 13, 2006

Early Friday, Cancer Bats unleash their new CD at Mavericks with Black Lungs, A Textbook Tragedy, Clepto and Knives For Kids. Over at The Dominion DOA celebrate their 30th anniversary. At Zaphod's you can see Dead and Divine, Alex R. Newman and 27 York. Brendan Flynn and The Terrible Liars perform at Cafe DeKcuf with Gianna Lauren. Flash Update: Lucky Ron and Steve Stacey and the Stumpsplitters will perform at the Elmdale House Tavern.

BBQ, Mavericks, August 2004

Saturday Mark Sultan - BBQ as he's known to some - performs at Babylon with The Felines and The Visitors; A Trophy Life, Sam Slick and The Epilogue rock the End Hits basement. However, The Allrights show at Irene's has been postponed. Maybe later this month, I'm told.
On Sunday Queens of the Stone Age perform at The Civic Centre with Mugison; over at Babylon you can catch Tiger Army, The Unseen and The Creepshow - provided of course you had the foresight to buy a ticket. Mardeen and Mercy, The Sexton bring some tuneful East Coast indie rock to Cafe DeKcuf. The Populars also have a CD release party at Zaphod's with The Conservatory for the Regression of Sound and Junkie and The Spider.

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