Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There you go again

I have a decent-sized slice of this week, and a good run of shows worth checking out as well.
If only I weren't working this Tuesday, I could have jetted off to Cafe DeKcuf and see Anaal Nathrakh make their Canadian debut; unfortunately the band didn't dot their Is and across their Ts before setting off, so no show (this includes no Nefastus Dies, Panzerfaust and Endemise). If it's any consolation, Insurgent Inc. and Metha Mean bring some industrial crunch to Zaphod's. The Stans, Tomorrow's Downfall, Remember When play the Bytown Tavern for those whose taste in music doesn't run to metal of any flavour.

Rickity Ship, Irene's, April 19, 2008

On Wednesday, Rickity Ship and Use Every Part of the Deer play Zaphod's; The City Above, Bass Lions and ZingZing perform at Cafe Dekcuf.
Thursday, Sarah Slean and Royal Wood perform at the Bronson Centre theatre. In a somewhat different vein, and for a whole lot less (i.e., free) The Fucking Machines and The Annoyers play the Bytown Tavern.
Friday Amy Honey and Slo' Tom split the bill at Irene's. Critical Convictions, Castevets (Montreal), The Vanishing Act and The Dirty Nuns rock the A&A Speedshop at 279 Flora. The Expos, PDH, Bad News Bears, The Possums and The Living Sound System play Mavericks. John Allaire plays the Elmdale Tavern. The Ethics and Winchester Warm (Jonathan and Matt from Poorfolk and plus diverse hands) play Babylon.

The Coast, Zaphod Beeblebrox, September 30, 2007

Saturday, The Allrights play the show they didn't before. The Coast return to Zaphod's with The Murder Plans and The Montelongos. The Dead Science and Kingdom Shore play Sounds Unlikely. Holy Cobras, The Suppositories and Savage Crimes rock Cafe Dekcuf.
Finally, on Sunday you can catch Male Nurse for free at The Manx.

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