Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr. Mom

It was into the wee hours when the Secret Mommy Quintet finished things off with a set of glitchy pop. I've seen reviews that compare them to the Animal Collective. I can see why, though I think the Collective is a lot more clamorous, noisy and psychedelic. The SMQ makes more obvious use of the contrast between laptop techno and instrumental sounds.

So, just who is Secret Mommy Quintet? According to recently declassified data, it's main man Andy Dixon and his fave lady Merida (on the blue ukulele).

Also in this Castanet-toting crew is Shane Krause of They Shoot Horses, Don't They? on saxophone, Sarah of The Doers and Gregory Adams, who is in Andy's other band Winning.

Andy gets with the program.

Sarah flutes a little, Adams picks up the Tele and Wink Todd kicks in some mini-maraca.

Duct tape is good for fixing maracas.

There was much envy for Dixon's sea-green Ric.

Xylophone action!

Krause in close-up.

The view from the back of the sofa.

The whole lot! And a taxi!

Mighty entertaining. And mighty late.

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