Monday, May 26, 2008

Mapping out the week

There's several intriguing shows this week. My days off fall early in the week so I'll have to skip out on the weekend pileup, but there's a few shows of note on Tuesday ...

Islands, Capital Music Hall, September 27, 2006

Namely Islands, who return too Babylon with new album in tow. The Magic and Street Carnage open the show. The Mantra, Biipiigwan and The Mothers of The Lower East Side and The Mistress make for an intriguing bill at the Bytown Tavern.

Good2Go, Barrymore's, May 5, 2006

Then it gets a little quiet - drop me a line if you know different - until Friday, when you can see Kintra, The Unavowed and Breadfan at Cafe DeKcuf. Good2Go and Robin Black perform at Zaphod's. Danko Jones and the ever-wonderful Hot Springs perform at Barrymore's. You can also see The Sunbleached Skulls at the Elmdale House Tavern.

Evil Farm Children, Zaphod Beeblebrox, June 6, 2007

Saturday Evil Farm Children fall in with the hot rod set with a show at Autowonderland. That kicks off at 11 a.m.; later in the day you can see Sirens and Serenades, Jamin Aura, Dead Eye Daisy, Eternal Paradox, Five Forty Nine and Bear The Witness at Cafe Dekcuf. Hollowtip Hearts release their new CD with Shanker + Romps and The Weathermakers at the Bytown Tavern. 90 Pounds of Ugly and No Barbers Required perform at Irene's. Amos The Transparent and Laurent Bourque play Zaphod's.
On Sunday The New Cities, To The Rescue and Bright City Lights get municipal at Cafe DeKcuf.

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