Friday, May 16, 2008

After the frenzy

Many years ago, before my photograph-taking days, I saw The Frenetics perform at The Dominion. If memory serves it was also the first time I saw The Phantom Shifters - must have been fairly early in their career. All I really remember is the Frenetics had a powerful woman drummer who looked like a bit of a rockabilly. Malcolm Bauld now performs in the folk-punk vein, and with his strong voice and energetic style does a fine job of it. (Meanwhile, that drummer, Anne Gauthier, can be seen performing in Hot Springs and Kickers).

That Malcolm!

And taking a turn on the keys.

He finished things off with an assist from The Details' rhythm section: Bassist Keli Martin and drummer Shaun Gibson.

His tour is basically over; he officially launched his new album Covered In Dust in Montreal last Friday.

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