Saturday, May 24, 2008

Slo finish

My mini-vacation, which I mostly spent watching Hong Kong action films, is now over. But before I bid the week farewell and my working weekend hello, I went off to Irene's to see Amy Honey and Slo' Tom. This was a mostly solo set from both artists. Slo' Tom's would-be associate, Rey Sabatin of The John Henrys, was resting his throat after a bout with strep throat and Amy's husband only helped out on one tune. Amy's husband Andrew did contribute to one tune, though.

Slo' Tom started with some sit down numbers, including such classics as Linoleum Floor.

Then he surrendered the stage to Amy Honey so she could romp through her own tunes, along with a cover of Camper Van Beethoven's Take The Skinheads Bowling. She makes me think of Holly Golightly and the Heartless Bastards' Erika Wennerstrom. She can get mighty fuzzy on that Danelectro. She's incorporated a cross-country tour into her cross-country move from Vancouver to Nova Scotia.

Hear her husband contributes to her tribute to an early love of heavy metal by waving a lighter and devil's horns around while biting the head of a mechanical bat.

Slo' Tom finished things off with some more tunes, including a final cover of Furnaceface's Poison My Cup.

Slo' Tom expects to be part of the Liquor Pig hootenanny. Hopefully Honey will roll through town in a year or two, though judging by the litany of parts she and her husband have had to replace on their camper van on the journey east it may be longer ...

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