Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From Babylon to Bytown

There was a sizable crowd at Babylon when I walked in around 9 p.m. Last time I saw Islands was at The Capital Music Hall. The venue is smaller but their audience doesn't seem to have shrunk any. If they keep putting on shows like they did last night, there's no way they're going to be able to pack all their fans into Babylon. It was an excellent double bill. Guelph's The Magic sounded as sharp as they looked in their cummerbunds and white ties. It was formed by Geordie Gordon - the chap in the tie - who some folks may recognize from his membership in The Barmitzvah Brothers. That's his brother Evan handling the bass synth. Of the others I know not, but the sound has a certain Bryan Ferryish vibe.

The Magic, Babylon, May 27

Then The Islands whipped through a knockout set. They used to sugarcoat their sinister intent. On the new album there's no sugar and contrary to some opinion, I think it suits them very well. The performance was stellar from all points of view. The mass failure of Nick Thorburn's pedals didn't seem to affect them in the least.

Islands, Babylon, May 27

After the show (and a brief stop at the merch table to buy both band's latest releases) I headed off to the Bytown Tavern to check out the four-band show.

Biipiigwan, The Bytown Tavern, May 27

Unfortunately I missed the first three combos, including the newly re-purposed Mile Over Mecca (now Mothers of the Lower East Side). I stuck around for 20 minutes of Biipiigwan's grindmetal then dashed home. I need my sleep, since as far as I can tell the folks upstairs are rebuilding their apartment from scratch ...

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